The End of the 2016 Year is Near; Are you Ready for Taxes?

Are you the type of person who keeps a year full of receipts in a shoe box? Maybe you are great at scanning the receipts into a file, but don’t have them organized and ready to submit to your accountant. Getting ready and organized for end of year filing deadlines can be daunting. Costs will add up quickly if you rely on your accountant to organize your financial records for filing deadlines. There is a better and more economical option.Bookkeeping Payrolll Boulder

A Second Office, LLC, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, provides you with bookkeeping services that clean up your records and organize them for submission to your accountant. That shoe box filled with receipts is easily consolidated and saved digitally by using a NeatReceipts® scanner. ( Income and expenses are then tracked and organized in a digital system created specifically for you and your business after analyzing your specific needs. These services provide a cost-effective way that saves you from paying your accountant’s fees to organize your end of year data prior to filing.

Are you currently working with a bookkeeper and need a third party to review their work? A Second Office, LLC can provide you with a “Bookkeeping Forensics” analysis that will review your existing bookkeeper’s records to ensure that everything is in compliance with current accounting procedures. Already in the market for a new bookkeeper? Our team can provide a review and analysis of your records along with recommendations on what you need to proceed.

Some of us need something a bit more like “Bookkeeping Triage” at the end of the year. A Second Office, LLC recognizes that individual filing systems for bookkeeping are all unique… and some are nearly non-existent. Our experienced team knows how to go the extra mile to help organize you and your office. We are here to support and empower you as you learn how to navigate the bookkeeping labyrinth.

As this year comes to a close, you should be aware of the accelerated filing deadlines that will take effect in January 2017 for many 2016 federal forms.  Some notable and more immediate changes are:

  • Forms W-2, W-3, 1096 and 1099 are due January 31st
  • Form 1065 is due March 15th
  • Form 114 Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Report is due April 15th

The team at A Second Office, LLC can help you analyze how these changes will affect you and your business. We work directly with you and minimize the time with your accountant as we organize your records for filing.

Employers and businesses that hire contractors both need to think about having everything together and organized by January 1st. The January 31st deadline is around the corner and A Second Office, LLC is here to support you so that you don’t have to burn the midnight oil on January 30th trying to make it all work.

Pick up the phone and give us a call. We are happy to set-up a free 30-minute consultation to review your needs and provide you with a customized plan.

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