Team Members

Michele Guarino is the Owner and Founder of A Second Office, LLC. Michele brings 33 years of experience supporting top-level executives in the corporate, legal, real estate, natural foods, financial, leadership, software start-up markets, and serial entrepreneurs.

She has held such positions as Paralegal, Executive Assistant to C-Level and other top level executives, Project Manager, Office Manager, Facilities Manager, and Supervisor. Her responsibilities encompass: Executive Assistance/Management, Office Management, Operating Systems and Procedures, Project Management and Administration, Licensing Agreements and Compliance Processes, Contract Initiation and Management, Right-Hand Support for Mergers and Acquisitions, IPO Process, Employee Supervision and Training, HR Administration, Liaison with Board Members and C-Level Executives, Maintaining Corporate Records, and other related areas too numerous and diverse to list here.

She has a talent for pro-actively identifying and resolving problems via her organizational skills, attention to detail, ability to handle multiple tasks, and advanced computer skills. 

She brings executive level professionalism and complete discretion to all of her responsibilities, tasks and business relationships.

You can learn more about Michele by clicking here to review her resume.

Our Contract Associates

Julie Hamilton Randall has been a Contract Associate since March of 2013.

Megan Shellman Rickard has been a Contract Associate since March of 2009.  Megan holds a Bachelor of Arts, communication major from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master of Science, organizational leadership, from Colorado State University.  Megan has more than 25 years of experience in a wide variety of disciplines.  She brings her former experience in the entertainment industry, strategic and green event planning, advertising sales, multi-media marketing, retail sales, publication production, business development and operations management.

Megan serves her community volunteering for Business & Professional Women of Colorado, locally and internationally through BPW International.  She has served in various positions, including President, Board Member, VP of Membership, VP of Marketing, VP of Technology – just to name a few.  She also serves on the Steering Committee for the Women’s Collaborative of Colorado.  Her volunteer work in each of these organizations provides her with the opportunity to be a leader among working women and to utilize her connections in an effort to improve her business and life as a mentor and mentee.