Top 5 Reasons to Hire A Second Office

A Second Office, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, provides top-notch virtual services to busy entrepreneurs and executives. The top 5 reasons for hiring our full-service business consulting, project management, and executive support team are:

Project Manager Boulder

Project Manager Boulder

  • We want your business to flourish. Your success is intricately linked to our business model. As your business grows and flourishes, our services will help support you and your fluctuating needs. This allows you to be free to develop and cultivate your own organization at a higher and more creative level. Leave the details of management and administration to A Second Office. This positive collaboration creates a win-win situation for both A Second Office and your business, where your business flourishes with our support and you continue to use our services.
  • Our team gets to know you and your business. A Second Office is committed to discovering how your business operates at its optimal level. We get to know you and your business. We determine your strengths and help you identify your limitations. An experienced project manager and an assistant are assigned to you and your business. They learn your systems and procedures while maintaining dynamic documents that are continually updated.
  • We provide you with a reliable and consistent team. You will not be shuffled around to a new person for each project. Instead you will be assigned a project manager and an assistant who will learn about you, your personality and preferences, and your business systems and procedures. If needed, we will collaborate with you to design and implement new working methods. A Second Office becomes part of your business and endeavors to operate seamlessly as your support system.
  • We only work when you need us. A Second Office provides services as you need them. We understand that your business needs will ebb and flow. The project manager and assistant work together to identify the most efficient and valuable way to work on each task. Time is only assessed for actual work done on an approved task. There are no commitments to paying an employee a set amount each pay period. You do not pay for idle time, as all tasks and associated work are well documented and reported. We don’t do “water cooler talk” at A Second Office (frankly, we’re too focused on ensuring that our clients are successful).
  • We don’t saddle you with our operating costs. Each project manager and assistant at A Second Office brings their own fully-equipped office and the experience necessary to successfully run a business. Our professional team members are well-trained, educated, and highly capable individuals. A Second Office’s innovative and mission-oriented approach to organization eliminates the need for traditional corporate expenditures from office real estate and equipment to the energy and maintenance dedicated to keeping a staffed office. This unique approach, which generates fewer passed-through costs, ensures that the top-notch virtual services which we provide are complimented by competitive rates and the assurance of quality.

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